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The Eiffel Tower and the monuments of Paris 7

Hotel Derby Eiffel reserves a entire page for the gorgeous, beautest and the most famous, monument of France : the Eiffel Tower who decorates the - Champs de Mars - and was in the top records of hightest building of the world since 41 years.

All Paris can see it, and Gustave Eiffel built his tower in 1889 for the Universal Exhibition. It remained the demonstration of French knowledge. The tower had to be dismantled at the end of exposition,but, finally it was kept for his metallic property and served for TV antenna for years. The Eiffel Tower, was a big subject of discord, for citizens of Paris, but they accepted the project with the condition that it would be dismantled after the Exposition.

For now it’s the first French tourist attraction monument with more than seven million visitors per year, and it is also the main attraction of the 7th district.

Hotel Derby Eiffel is proud to contribute and provide a way to visit the Eiffel Tower with his point of view through the windows of the hotel. Since 1991 , the Eiffel Tower has been referenced as ones of the monuments protected by Unesco. it is one of the historic places of the world, you can contemplate from the best VIP suites.

La Tour Eiffel claire la nuit
  • The lights of the Eiffel Tower

    Every evening, the Eiffel Tower will show you the lighting for five minutes for the pleasure of all the tourists around the world who comes to see it, and contributing to the réputation of paris "City of Light".

    Since 1985 the 336 spotlights with sodium lamps illuminates the interior of the structure.

    Since the millenium day, more than 20,000 flashs were attached to the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

    For this occasion, the automatic lighthouse started with double beams visible for more than hundred miles! This prowess allow this infinit show.

    All flashs are scattered throughout the tower, and lights goes on for less than ten minutes, depending of the sunlight. Every nights until midnight, every new hour, thousands are expecting flashs illuminations to the delight of tourists and Parisian people.

    Teams of maintenance are amazing, with a team of more than 250 engineers and 300 technicians who are working to implement and maintain this night light show.

    Electrical optimizations to reduce the energy consumption for the environment challenges, and each year to provide the best reflection when maintaining the beauty of the lighting show.
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  • Story about the construction

    France, try to recover it status and panache in front of the world after his defeat against Germany during the war of 1870, experiencing an economic and political crisis, loves the idea of organizing the exhibition universal 1889 to give a new age for the country.

    Exhibitors votes for Paris to be the city of the anniversary of the 1789 revolution, the proposed construction of the Eiffel Tower is entrusted to Gustave Eiffel graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, hence its name and will be completed in just two years , which at the time was a technological feat.

    The technologies used for its construction and iron nails stand out an amazing project.
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  • Eiffel Tower Foots

    Foundation construction of the Eiffel Tower was started January 26, 1887. It gave rise to the extremely ingenious construction of the four pillars oriented according to the cardinal points.
    If Pillars 2 and 3 located Ecole Militaire side have not shown any particular difficulty and rely on a layer of concrete from 2 meters, pillars 1 and 4, located on the Seine side based on their part on foundations compressed air contained in boxes submerged 5 meters below the level of the river.
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