Hotel next Ecole Militaire

L’Hôtel Derby Eiffel is just next door of the Ecole Militaire

Hotel Derby Eiffel is located near the Ecole Militaire, a remarkable set of structures devoted to military education and a masterpiece of classical architecture.
Built by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel in the reign of Louis XV to create a Royal Military Academy, the Military Academy was conceived as a response to the architecture of the Hotel des Invalides, built during the reign of Louis XIV. Indeed, the dimensions were originally scheduled colossal, grand facades and the church should have been enthroned in the center of the building was to be accompanied by an impressive colonnade inspired by that of St. Peter’s.
Finally, the state finances is very worrying after successive wars fought by Louis XV, Ange-Jacques Gabriel must review the proportions of his project and be less daring.
Some elements of the Major Project were nevertheless maintained, is the case of the facade of the main building characterized by its strongly inspired by those of the Louvre dome.
The school welcomes its first 200 in 1756 cadets. Among his most famous pupils, probably Napoleon Bonaparte who attended the school between October 1784 and October 1785.
The Ecole Militaire, however, did not survive the death of Louis XV. It was in fact closed in 1787 to host the Hotel Dieu that ultimately there was never transferred.
It took until 1878 for the School for its original educational function with the creation of the War College and then 33 years later that the Center for Advanced Military Studies.
Note that between 1951 and 1966 the Military Academy hosted the Defense College NATO currently in Rome.
Similarly, the monument offers in the heart of the capital, one of the best views of Paris thanks to its openness to the Champ de Mars and the Trocadero and its location between the UNESCO Headquarters and the Eiffel Tower.
The Ecole Militaire which covers approximately 12 hectares, concentrated today in its walls and all institutions of higher military educational institutions, namely:
– The Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN)
– The National Institute of Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ)
– The High Council of Training and Strategic Research (CSRFS)
– The Center for Advanced Military Studies (CHEM)
– The Institute of Strategic Research of the Ecole Militaire (IRSEM)
– The Higher Education Centres of the three Armed Forces and the Gendarmerie
– College of Higher Education of the Army [CESAT including the Superior Courts of Staff (EMSB), Military Higher Education and Scientific Technique (EMSST), the School of Reserve Officers specialists of Staff (ESORSEM) and the Joint Doctrine Center (CICDE)]
– The School of War – The Documentation Centre of the Ecole Militaire (CDEM)
Besides this set of military educational institutions, the school is also known for the quality of his cavalry. The Ecole Militaire is with the Republican Guard one of the last two places where one is likely to find horses in the heart of Paris.
About a hundred horses, state property, resident within the walls of the school and shall provide in times of partly open to civilians, one of his first vocations consisting teach the art of horse riding.