Hotel Derby Eiffel
5 avenue Duquesne
75007 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 05 12 05
  • Le Jules Verne, the famous restaurant

    The Hotel Derby Eiffel is located close to the star restaurant Le Jules Verne.

    In a cozy place, the restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower undoubtedly offers the most beautiful panoramic views of the capital.

    The Jules Verne, which offers a refined and creative cuisine combines both tradition and modernity, offering a brilliant reinterpretation of French culinary’s heritage.

    Besides its fine food, the Jules Verne is characterized by a remarkable wine list agreeing to perfection with his dishes.

    The private lift, magic point of view and wonderful service undeniably complement the excellence of this restaurant.

    From the top of the legendary Eiffel Tower, the owner offers the assurance of a memorable and delicious gourmet souvenir.

    Note that reservations are only available on the online booking.

  • jules verne
  • jules verne
  • jules verne