Hotel Derby Eiffel
5 avenue Duquesne
75007 Paris
+33 (0)1 47 05 12 05
  • L’Hôtel Derby Eiffel just near the Palais de Tokyo

    The derby eiffel Hotel is next of the most impotant art place in europe dedicated to the contemporary art and the modern art.

    Since 1937’s Universal exposition, the Palais de TOKYO gets his name because i twas the Tokyo Avenue before the world war II, renamed New-York Avenue. Cut in two parts, West side is the original Palais de TOKYO is the center of contemporary art. The other side is the proprity of the city of Paris with his Modern Art muséum.

    The forecourt of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris houses the monument of “France libre”, in memory of the fighters for a free France last the worl war II. This is an art work from “Antoine Bourdelle” representing the France like the Greek goddess Athena war, watching the horizon and waiting for the arrival of american forces.

    From an architectural opinion, without its monumental proportions, the Palais de Tokyo is characterized by the unic lighting, both zenithal and lateral.

    The « Palais de Tokyo » hosts exhibitions that will surprise and challenge in the same time. Monument of the creation, programming is often intriguing and troubling, sometimes disturbing. This museum is indisputably become one of the key poles of expression and creation in France and Europe.

    The Museum is renowned both for its playful aspect to the quality of the staging and originality of its exhibitions.

    The Palais de Tokyo explicitly shows its will to democratize contemporary art. This is not always easy to understand, a cultural mediator can accompany beginners visitors who wish to be enlightened on the different interests of the works.

    Just for have a walk in the corridors, or just for take a drink in one of the famous restaurants, the Palais de Tokyo in « a place to be » for the Modern and actual Art of Paris.

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